Natalie Ellis Barros

Professional Adventure Rider Writer and Dancer. Grew up in Northern California as a Grade A certified freak. Her heart belongs to two things: the road and the rhythm. She likes long rides alone on the beach and a nice warm 650cc motor to cozy up to at night. 

Graduated from UC Irvine with a BA in English. Works - although currently on a distance caused hiatus  - in San Francisco with GogoPro as a dancer. 

No, she's not a stripper. Yes, she keep her clothes on - unless she's running through the forest on a bunch of acid ;)

She has since escaped to the beautiful West Shore of Lake Tahoe on a crusade from more inspiration and seclusion, but has since lost herself to its inclusive community and lifestyle. You might find her tumbling down a ski slope or floating on some plastic thing in the middle of the lake on any occasion.